Review: Give the Family My Love by A. T. Greenblatt

I don’t usually review short stories because I don’t generally have much to say about them beyond, “I liked this!”, “Eh,” or “Yuck!” Which doesn’t tell you much about the story except whether or not I enjoyed it. However, I set myself the task this year of reviewing all award-winners (except those that I won’t read because they’re YA, or horror, or just “can’t push myself through it”.)

“Give the Family My Love” won the Nebula for Best Short Story of 2019 and it is a worthy example of a science fiction short story. Set in the not-too-distant future, the story is several letters written by Hazel to her brother Sam. The current ecological issues have escalated to actual disasters, but the alien race that has recently showed up have given us the ability to go through their archives to try to correct those issues. They will transport a representative, but that representative has to make it through a kilometer of unforgiving, unlivable landscape to get there.

The story isn’t really about the search for solutions, though. It’s about family, the decision and problems with deciding to become a parent, the relationship between siblings, and what people will do to support their families. The title is repeated throughout the story, meaning something a little different every time, but always centering around family and love.

Go read it. It’s delightful.

Greenblatt, A. T. “Give the Family My Love.” (Clarkesworld, February 2019.) 28 pages. 5 stars.

Tonight, the Nebula Award Winners Will Be Announced!

The finalists are listed below, with links to where you can find them to be read.  In addition, I’ve linked to my reviews for these works, and I’ve starred the ones I hope to win.

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Review – The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin

The Stone Sky is a fantasy novel, set in the distant future on what is implied to be Earth.  It is also the final book in a three book series.

This novel is a difficult one for me to review.  Quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy it, and had to slog my way through all three books.  On the other hand, the series is well-written, the world-building is wonderful and complex, and the characters are complex.  My issues with the series are that I could never really care about the characters–in fact, it took me until quite late in the first book to realize that the three women were the same person–and the plot left me cold.

That said, the first two books in this series won the Hugo Award for Best Novel last year and the year before.  I suspect this one has a very good shot of winning this year.  This may be a case in which I’m missing whatever is great about this novel and the series.

The best I can say is give it a try.  Your mileage may vary.  (I kind of hope it does.)


Jemisin, N. K.  The Stone Sky.  New York: Orbit Books, 2017.  Kindle edition.  Amazon.